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    Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy

    Our daily lives depend on harnessing the earth's energy. And the energy sector depends on customised and reliable logistics solutions.

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Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy

It takes energy to move the world

At Emirates SkyCargo, we understand exactly what it takes to keep the oil, gas and renewable energy industries moving. Whether it's solar panels, wind turbine components and specialised oil drilling equipment; flow control mechanisms, valves, outsized turbines, or the movement of small urgent rock and oil samples, each consignment requires precise logistical solutions.

With our expertise, infrastructure and advanced industry knowledge, our specialised solutions help you manage the logistics flow in your energy business, as well as specific logistics challenges; with fast and reliable transportation, widebody-to-widebody aircraft connections, and a continuously expanding network supporting your activities.

If you're interested in sustainable logistics solutions, contact your local Emirates SkyCargo agent today to discuss a wide range of services including Priority and Charter flights.