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How can We Help?

Embargo for shipments from and via Egypt / Syria into the USA (Embargo #2577)

Updated 07:00 Dubai UTC, 24 Nov 2015

Please be advised that there is a hard embargo on all cargo / courier / mail / COMAT shipments originating in, transferring from, or transiting through any point in Egypt/Syria for final destination USA. Carriage on all Emirates services (Pax/Freighter) is RESTRICTED until further notice.


Embargo on animal hunting trophies

Updated 07:00 Dubai UTC, 15 May 2015

Emirates SkyCargo has an existing embargo on the carriage of products and parts of endangered animals and plants listed under Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), including hunting trophies.

However, as part of our efforts to prevent the illegal trade of hunting trophies of elephant, rhinoceros, lion and tiger, Emirates SkyCargo, has decided that effective 15th May 2015, we will not accept any kind of hunting trophies of these animals for carriage on Emirates services irrespective of CITES appendix.

Restriction on carriage of lithium metal batteries - Operator Variation EK-02

Updated 10:56 Dubai UTC, 04 Mar 2015

EK-02 UN3090 - Lithium metal cells and batteries, including lithium alloy cells and batteries, prepared in accordance with Section IA, IB and II of Packing Instruction 968 are forbidden for transport as cargo on Emirates cargo flights. This prohibition includes lithium metal batteries shipped under an approval in accordance with Special Provision A88 and A99 and exemption in accordance with special Provision A201.

Effective 1st Apr 2015

UN3480 – Lithium ion batteries (including lithium polymer batteries) under section IA, IB and section II of Packing Instruction 965 and those qualifying for Special Provision A88 are totally RESTRICTED for carriage on Emirates services (Passenger / Freighter).

Statement by Emirates SkyCargo on the carriage of shark fins

Updated 11:02 Dubai UTC, 03 Jun 2013

Emirates SkyCargo has implemented its decision not to accept shark fins for transport on its flights from June 2013. All our cargo offices on our global network are aware of this decision. Emirates SkyCargo views this as the right and responsible course of action.