Pet Care

Caring for your cargo

Whether a puppy or guinea pig, we offer a convenient airport-to-airport transportation service for non-exotic domestic animals in our pet-friendly aircraft.

With a dedicated team of animal experts, custom-designed animal care facility in the hub designed with the pet comfort and safety in mind, robust and animal welfare-oriented processes at all locations, we ensure that your pets get the high standards of care, comfort and attention they deserve throughout their entire journey, giving you the peace of mind that you need. Tell us the name of the dog and we will ensure it feels at home while in our care.

If you cannot find one, we provide kennels* conforming to IATA Live Animals Regulations in Dubai and other places (subject to local customs regulation in importing country). For obtaining important information about transporting your pet, you are invited to refer to our Operator Variations in the IATA LAR and the IATA guidelines on the transportation of pets. Reservations for domestic pets must be made in advance, and you will be informed when to deliver your pet to the airport, (usually two to four hours prior to departure).

*Kennels are available in six sizes

Height Width Length
53.3 cm (21 inches) 40.6 cm (16 inches) 38.1 cm (15 inches)
68.5 cm (27 inches) 50.8 cm (20 inches) 48.2 cm (19 inches)
81.2 cm (32 inches) 55.8 cm (22 inches) 58.4 cm (23 inches)
91.4 cm (36 inches) 60.9 cm (24 inches) 66.0 cm (26 inches)
101.6 cm (40 inches) 68.5 cm (27 inches) 76.2 cm (30 inches)
121.9 cm (48 inches) 81.2 cm (32 inches) 88.9 cm (35 inches

Exotic Care

Transportation of exotic animals

Equine Care

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Trade Care

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