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    All around the world, people can enrich their dining tables with fresh and exotic produce, regardless of the season, thanks to the Emirates Fresh cool chain solutions. We transport perishables to their destination as fresh as the moment they were packed.

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The art in delivering freshness

The transportation of perishable goods is a challenging and difficult process, fraught with complications that could result in easily spoiled products reaching their destination in less than optimal condition. We have the solution. Emirates SkyCargo, has developed a 3-tiered cool chain solution that is tailor-made to meet the exact requirements needed for all types of perishable goods. The ultra modern Dubai hub boasts one of the world’s biggest and most technologically advanced, cargo-handling facilities, which supports each solution. With warehouses dedicated to perishable cargo, an impressive fleet of 12 refrigerated trucks and an unparalleled global network, there is no fresher transportation choice.

Emirates Fresh offers a cool chain solution developed for the transportation of everyday perishable products, using specialised processes that are timely and efficient, your goods are protected at each stage of the journey.

Emirates Fresh Breathe is the solution for the transportation of live produce that must be maintained at a set temperature, but must also be allowed to breathe. Our state-of-the-art ventilated cool dolly containers protect delicate produce, keeping it in optimum condition.

Emirates Fresh Active solution uses cutting edge containers to protect cargo that cannot withstand any temperature fluctuation.

For more information on how our 3-tiered solution can support your business, contact your local Emirates SkyCargo office.